This page is dedicated to people who want to watch legal free UK TV in Spain using a Amazon Firestick, please feel free to help me update this page with any helpful information you may have if the information is incorrect, or there is a better/cheaper way of doing things, by contacting me.

1st. Acquire Amazon Firestick from the UK Amazon web site. There appears to be several versions of the Amazon Firestick. You need a Firestick Fire TV Stick 4K model.
Do not buy a Firestick from Amazon ES
, it will be the international version, which will not have the pre-loaded apps you need, and definitely wont have BBCiPlayer nor ITV HUB apps pre-loaded.

2nd. You will need a VPN service. BBCiPlayer etc will block a connection which it see's coming from outside the UK. What a VPN service does is transform your Spanish IP address from being a Spanish one, into being a UK one, so they think you are using your Firestick in the UK.

Monthly plan is $10.95, 2 year plan is $80, 1 year for $69.95. Pay with your Credit Card or PayPal (correct at the time of writing)

3rd. Register with the BBC, have your postcode to hand

4th. Install BBCiPlayer, see this video for details Do this either when you are still in the UK, or you have a working VPN installed on your Fire TV, and the country setting is of course set to  the UK. Use this same technique to install the other TV channels you want.

5th Use a Network cable to connect your Firestick direct to your router. In the Firestick settings, set Network to Cabled not Wireless. If it asks, use the DHCP option.
"Blizim RJ45 Ethernet Network Adapter" is my preferred option (but does require that a spare USB connector is available on the back of your TV).

6th From the Apps store on Amazon, download and install the "Analiti" internet speed tester, designed specifically for Firestick users

7th Turn off unused apps on your Firestick
More help available from this guy

Please feel free to write me with your contributions, suggestions and experiences.
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