Gnomad Help Page

Gnomad plugs into the Audio Output of your Digibox and retransmits the signal over the airwaves, to all your FM Radios. Transmits its Mono signal via a very stable 50mW FM transmitter. The unit is powered from the RF2 connector on the back of your Digibox.

When you receive your Gnomad from us, you may need to go through a one-off procedure, to turn on the power supply output, of the RF2 connector on the back of the Digibox.

The procedure is as follows.
On your $KY Remote Control, Press the "Services" Key

Then Press Key Number "4"

Then Press Key Number "0"
Then Press Key Number "1"
Then Press The "Select" Key
(Do The "0-1-Select" Key Sequence In Quick Succession)

You Should Then See On The Screen, The "Installers Setup" Menu
If you do not see this screen, press the "Back Up" key 3 times, and start again
Then Press Key Number "4" (RF Outlets)

You Should Then See On The Screen, The "RF Outlets" Menu
Use The Down Cursor Key To Highlight The "RF Outlet Power Supply" Option
If The Option Says "OFF" Change This To "ON" Using The Right Cursor Key
If The Option Already Says "ON" Do Not Change This, Just Press The "Back Up" Key 3 Times And You Have Finished.

Use The Down Cursor Key To Highlight The "Save New Settings" Option
Then Press The "Select" Key

Then Press The "Back Up" Key 3 Times
This should bring you back to the place where you started. If at anytime during this procedure you make a mistake, do NOT "Save" anything, just press the "Back Up" button 3 times, and start again. It is VERY important that you do not change any of the other settings, in any of the "Set Up" menus.

If you are already using the RF2 socket for something else, then you will need to purchase a "Y" connector.

If you find on arrival that Gnomad is transmitting on a frequency close to, or on an existing Radio Station, then please retune Gnomad to another frequency. To do this take the case apart and adjust the control on the printed circuit board as shown. The process is as follows, unplug the lead going to the RF connector of the digibox. Now tune your FM radio to a clear spot where no radio channels are transmitting and leave it on this frequency. Now reconnect Gnomad to the RF Connector, now adjust the "Frequency Adjust" control on the printed circuit board of Gnomad (see picture). If you use a metal screwdriver, you will find that the metal of the screwdriver, changes the frequency that Gnomad transmits at, when placed near to the adjuster. This cannot be helped, so unless you have access to a plastic trimmer screwdriver, you will need to make small adjustments, move the screwdriver away from the board and see if you have found the frequency your FM radio is now tuned to. If it is not, keep making adjustments, till you find it, or close to it.

This Product Is Not Licensable In Europe. This Product Should Not Be Used In Built-Up Areas. You Use This Product At Your Own Risk.

Some of the commissioned items, particularly transmitters, require an operating licence. It is an offence in most countries of the world to radiate electro magnetic waves at certain frequencies without a licence. It is the Customer's responsibility to check relevant laws, regulations and directives regarding licensing and putting into service any goods commissioned by SatSeekers. The Customer agrees to defend, indemnify and hold harmless SatSeekers, it's employees and agents, from and against any claims, actions or demands, including without limitation legal and accounting fees, alleging or resulting from the improper or unlawful use of goods commissioned by SatSeekers.