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SatSeekers Gnomad

Takes The Audio Output Of Your Digibox & Re-Transmits This, To Any FM Radio In The House Or Garden. Now You Can Tune Your Digibox To Your Favourite Radio Station, Turn The Television Off If You Wish, And Listen To English Radio, Anywhere In Or Around Your Abode. Will Transmit Up To 250 Metres, Depending Upon Location. No Batteries To Worry About, Takes Its Power From The Digibox.
If you want to power Gnomad from a Digibox, it MUST have a unused RF2 output connector with 12V on its output.
We can supply 12V plug in Mains Adapter instead if required
This Product Is Not Licensable In Europe, Not Recommended For Use In Cities

Product Shipped May Differ Slightly In Appearance From Picture Shown