Kodi, Android, MAG IPTV Advice

This is where the picture/sound signal and the descrambling is derived solely from the internet.

Kodi/Android/Mag/IPTV boxes are in essence a Media Player. The TV/Films etc channels are received over the internet, from a server (located almost anywhere in the world) and descrambled by the media player within the box.
Depending on the service, for Standard Resolution TV they consume normally about 4 Mb of bandwidth, HD TV a lot higher.

It is a well known fact that all IPTV for a multitude of reasons, WILL suffer from picture pixelation

For your information, its just plain common sense that it's not legal to watch subscription sports channels or the latest not released on DVD films at a price that's too cheap to be true (although nobody I know has been prosecuted for it). That's why these services are generally unreliable in the long and short term, and people who buy or subscribe to them, can't get any back-up service, when they stop working, which infrequently they do.
If you want IPTV then buy from a reputable, legal source, like ours for example.