Satellite Receivers, Which One?

You really only have a few choices.
The best satellite receiver for Spain has been for a long time, and still is the $KY PACE 2600C1 (DS430N comes a close 2nd) unfortunately no longer made, so only available on eBay, and does not have HDMI connectors (only SCART) nor does it have a record function. All $KY receivers can of course be used to watch $KY pay channels for the moment, (till the $KY Q system takes over) with the right card and a paid up $KY subscription, and which has been married to that particular receiver.

A $KY box becomes, for all intents and purposes, a FreeSat receiver, when no card is inserted.
Other models of $KY boxes will work, but not as well as the receivers mentioned above.

At the time of writing, we understand that the SKY Q system will not work in Spain
It needs a special LNB, Receiver and UK Internet Connection

The next best satellite receiver for Spain is the FreeSat Humax Foxsat or HDR Receiver range. Several different models available, some having a record function, all have a HDMI connector (But some of the later ones do not have a SCART connector). Humax freesat recievers cannot be used to watch any of the $KY pay channels. Do not get FreeSat mixed up with FreeView, they are totally different animals, FreeView will not work in Spain. Nor will "Catch Up TV" without some sort of jiggery pokery (VPN) with your internet connection. If you want to "Catch Up", then buy a recording box.


The Future Of UK TV in Spain May Only Be IPTV?
As with any IPTV service, you must be willing to accept the fact that a IPTV picture will pixelate every so often, its Par for the course.
To Transfer To A IPTV Service