In 2014 You Have Lost Some Of The BBC/ITV Programs?

The Short Answer - You probably now need a bigger dish
Sometimes a dish re-alignment or change of LNB can help improve things marginally

The Future Of UK TV in Spain Is Probably
A IPTV Service
As with any IPTV service, you must be willing to accept the fact that a IPTV picture will pixelate every so often, its Par for the course.

Sticking with Satellite TV? - What are our recommendations?
For the area Alcossebre and Torre Nostra we recommend 1.8 Metre Prime Focus.
For the area Oropesa, down to Almassora we recommend 1.4 Metre Prime Focus.
For the area Onda, down to Moncofa we recommend 1.35 Metre Off-Set Focus dish.

Even with these sizes dishes we still recommend using a good quality LNB and a sensitive receiver, like the Humax FreeSat HD satellite receivers, and the old PACE 2600C1 $KY box. The newer $KY receivers and especially the $KY+ HD receivers are definitely not a very sensitive receivers.

One problem we have is, we cant easily supply dishes anymore. Reason being, that because of a big drop in demand, as more & more people go over to IPTV, and the wholesalers only selling big dishes in packs of 5, nobody is willing to stock them, and then have them sitting around in stock for years on end gathering dust, including us.

If you are offered a "Fte" (Darkish Grey Colour) 1.5 Metre Off Set Dish (made in Taiwan) by anyone, run a mile, they are absolute rubbish, and will bend out of shape if exposed to a high wind.

So What Happened?
Potted Untechnical Version

Nearly all the BBC's/ITV's channels are broadcast from the Astra2 group of satellites, on a signal beam with a supposedly tight footprint over the UK. Even though here in Spain we were not supposed to get some of the Astra2 channels (BBC/ITV/Ch4/Ch5), we could because of anomalies in the nature of Satellite RF transmissions. We got these channels, if we were lucky enough to be located in one of its so called "Hot Spots" and we used the right equipment.

The old Astra2 satellites (named Astra2 A,B,C & D) had come to the end of their 15 year life, so were slowly replaced. Astra2 was/is not just one satellite, but four satellites all placed very close to each other, so they looked like 1 satellite, from the ground. The process of replacing these satellites has now finished, with Astra2D (the main one for BBC/ITV/Ch4/Ch5) decommissioned back in February 2014. These new replacement satellites have come with their own new set of anomalies and Hot Spots, meaning a upwards change of dish size for most*, and a complete loss of signal for others.

To make matters worse, with the limited history we have of the new Satellites, it appears that due to adverse atmospheric conditions, we can expect a large dip in signal quality in the months October to February along with the traditional dips in signal at night, and in bad weather.

*Alcossebre area needs an increase of about 25% in dish size to get you back to where you were, before the changes of 2014. Also a good time time to upgrade your LNB.