Picture Of "Secure-IT" Alarm

Alarm1.JPG (32519 bytes)

Secure-IT can be powered from either 12 or 24 volts DC. The alarm is normally connected to the Cash-Box door switch, and will sense when this door has been opened illegally. It also has an input for a Tilt Switch, so that it can sense if the machine has been turned over. The unit has a 110dB sounder fitted and can be "Armed" with either a Key-Switch (not supplied) or "Armed" automatically, using the "Automatic Arming" mode. The alarm has been designed with the installer very much in mind. The box has two convenient mounting lugs and comes pre-wired where possible. There is an indicator on the PCB to show when the unit is being charged. When power to the host machine is removed, the on-board rechargeable batteries will power the alarm (in non alarm state) for many days, when in its "Armed" mode. The option links are easy to get to (no soldering required) and the unit comes in a handy plastic box for even easier installation.

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