Picture Of Our "CopyMate" Photocopier Payment Controller Board

copymate.jpg (15593 bytes)

Allows you to Control a standard photocopier* to a Electronic Coin Validator like the Mars Cashflow 330. Price of each copy is set using DIP Switches and only 4 simple connections need to be made between the Copier and CopyMate. CopyMate is Mains Powered either 120V or 240V and available in two models (same Board, different Firmware).
Low Value Vend model (1p - 63p Per Copy in 1p increments) for Black & White Copiers.
High Value Vend model (10p - 6.30 Per Copy in 10p increments) for Colour Copiers
Please use the part numbers listed below, when ordering.
Euro/Dollar version available on request

CopyMate Low Value Vend Model = 65100382
CopyMate High Value Vend Model = 65100384
Mars Cashflow 330  with Low Value Vend Coin Map = 65500754CL
Mars Cashflow 330 with High Value Vend Coin Map = TBA

*CopyMate assumes that the Copier has an Electro-Mechanical Copy Counting Meter. This required signal, can be obtained from other sections of the Copier, for those models not sporting a E/M Meter. Some even have a dedicated "Remote Control" interface which you can use. Because of the sheer number of makes and models of copiers available, we are unable to give help on connecting CopyMate to any particular Make/Model.

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