The Smiley Note Validator Simulator

NVSIM is a Smiley Note Validator Simulator, designed to help Design Engineers, Test Houses and Service Personnel, exercise the Note Validator Input on machines supporting this popular Note Validator. The board has several modes of operation, and will truly mimic the output of a Smiley Validator without the need to insert Notes etc. When running in standard mode, four push buttons on the NVSIM, mimic the 4 different Note Channels. By pushing these buttons, NVSIM toggles the relevant output for an accurate 100ms (the standard pulse length for this type of operation). An LED on NVSIM indicates when any output is being toggled. NVSIM also tests the "Alarm" and "Busy" inputs of machines. There are two connectors on NVSIM, one for NV2, NV4 type machines and the other is for NV7, NV8 type machines. NVSIM has an "AutoCycle" button which when pressed, continuously toggles each of the 4 Note Channels in turn, thus suitable for long soak tests etc.

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