Telephone Line - Surge Voltage Protector

Whether you live in a town or the country, a lightning strike to a public telephone line, even several Kilometres away from your house, can destroy expensive telephone equipment within your property. The sorts of Telephone equipment that can be destroyed by a strike are, expensive ADSL Modems, Answering Machines, VDSL Modems, Fritzboxes, Cordless Telephones and Fax Machines. At NetSeekers, we have designed a very effective telephone line surge voltage protector called “Surgio”, which is easy to install, with two incoming wires, two consumer side wires and an Earth to be connected. It can normally be installed in less than half an hour.

How does it work? A telephone line in normal operation, carries no more than 190 volts across its two wires. Our surge protector, “Surgio” constantly measures the voltage present on the phone line. If “Surgio” see's 200 volts or more, either across the two telephone wires or on either wire with relation to Earth, it safely carries this “over voltage”, down to Earth.

How is it connected? At one end the incoming telephone wires (from the exchange) are connected, at the other end the wires are connected to the phone wiring of the house, and lastly a 5th wire of Surgio, is connected to the Mains Supply, Earth connection.

“Surgio” is fully automatic and self resetting, just fit & forget.

Price €20.00

Postage €1 To Within Spain
Postage €2.50 To Within The EU

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